Marilyn Monroe dress 2024: The 10 most iconic dresses (+5 special duplicates)

Marilyn Monroe is a Fashion Icon that is capable to enchant everybody in her presence. Beside her stunning apperance and Beauty, she was the symbol of a woman that everybody wants. As you learn more about Marilyn`s style, you’ll develop a deeper appreciation for Marilyn Monroe’s everlasting influence on the world of fashion.

We will show you the 10 Most iconic dresses and also give you an insight for the best dupes to recreate her Look. So take your favourite drink and find your dupe for your next unforgettable gathering!

10 Most Iconic Dresses of Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe was not only a legendary actress, but also a fashion icon. Inspired by her charismatic wardrobe, let’s delve into the top 10 most iconic Marilyn Monroe dresses that still captivate us today.

Golden Dress

Boat Interior Design golden dress
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This sparkling gold gown worn by Marilyn in the movie “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes” showcased her elegance and glamour. The shimmering fabric highlighted her voluptuous figure and made her look like a true Hollywood star.

Classic black dress

Boat Interior Design classy black dress
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Marilyn’s off-the-shoulder black dress in the 1950 film “The Asphalt Jungle” breathed new life into the little black dress. The style accentuated her curves and added a touch of sophistication to her on-screen persona.

Red dress

Boat Interior Design red dress
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The radiant red dress Marilyn wore in “Niagara” (1953) left a lasting impression. The form-fitting design perfectly captured her sensuality, making this dress an unforgettable piece in her collection.

Polka Dot-Halter Dress

Boat Interior Design polka-dot halter neck dress
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Marilyn’s fun polka-dot halter neck dress displayed her playful side. The cinched waist and flared skirt emphasized her hourglass figure and turned heads, especially in the scene where she paired it with a sun hat for a picnic.

The green dress with slit thighs

Boat Interior Design the split-thigh green dress
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The stunning green dress Marilyn wore in “River of No Return” (1954) featured a daring slit up on one side, flaunting her legs and adding a touch of boldness to her wardrobe.

Floral dress

Boat Interior Design floral dress
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Marilyn’s love for prints was evident in this eye-catching floral dress. The feminine, summery style showcased her vibrant personality and complimented her curvy figure.

The silk dress

Boat Interior Design the silk gown
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The curve-hugging silk gown Marilyn wore in “Some Like It Hot” (1959) exemplified her sex appeal. The iconic dress accentuated her famous curves, making it a memorable fashion moment.

“Happy birthday, Mr. President”

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One of the most unforgettable gowns worn by Marilyn was her Jean Louis dress during her iconic “Happy Birthday” performance for President John F. Kennedy in 1962. The skin-tight, crystal-embellished gown dazzled and left an enduring mark in history.

“Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”

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Wearing a glamorous pink gown in “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes,” Marilyn made a stunning statement as she sang “Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend.” This dress, with its contrasting black gloves, went on to be auctioned in 2010.

Iconic Subway Grid Dress

Boat Interior Design iconic subway grate dress
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Perhaps the most famous Marilyn Monroe dress is the white halter dress she wore in the movie “The Seven Year Itch.” The scene where Marilyn’s dress playfully catches the air from the subway grate below has become an immortalized moment, making this dress a true symbol of her legendary style.

Dupes for her dresses

Golden dress

Boat Interior Design golden dress dupe
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The golden dress Marilyn Monroe wore in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes can be replicated with a sequin-embellished gown that features a plunging neckline and draped skirt. You can check Etsy for some similar dress dupes at affordable prices.

Classic black dress

Boat Interior Design black dress dupe
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For the classy black dress, consider a body-hugging black dress with a sweetheart neckline and spaghetti straps. Add matching gloves and a shiny brooch to replicate Marilyn Monroe’s iconic look. Find some options here.

Red dress

Boat Interior Design red dress dupe
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The red dress she wore in Niagara can be replicated with a knee-length, off-shoulder satin number. Look for a dress that hugs your curves and has a cinched waist. Etsy has some great replicas available.


Boat Interior Design dupe polka
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The polka-dot halter neck dress Marilyn wore in The Seven Year Itch is a summer staple. Look for a white dress with black polka dots, a halter neckline, and a flowing skirt. You can find similar dresses on Etsy.

The green dress with slit thighs

Boat Interior Design green dress dupe
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For the split-thigh green dress, choose a floor-length gown with a high slit, a plunging neckline, and some ruching detail on the side. Check out Etsy for some fabulous dupes.

Most expensive Marilyn Monroe Dress

“Happy Birthday, Mr. President”

At $4.8 million, The Dress also remains the most expensive to have ever been sold at auction, a price that reflects the image (and, yes, scandal) of Monroe presenting herself as a twinkling siren for the Washington elite. 

Perhaps her most iconic look, the “Happy Birthday, Mr. President” dress can be recreated with a sheer, body-hugging gown covered in shimmering crystals. Browse for sparkly dress options on Etsy.

Which outfit was Marilyns most surprising?

Marilyns favourite outfit was not a dress, but a potato sack, where she proved that she is pretty without her fancy dresses. When you have confidence like Marilyn Monroe, even a potato sack looks good on you!

How can I implement Marilyns Fashion without being overdressed?

Being overdressed is a myth because you are maybe to aware of your environment and their judgements. Marilyn is intentional with her apperance. She always knew which effect she wanted to have. But she also knew, that life is to short to hide your dresses in your wardrobe. We will not get any younger, so embrace your inner and outer beauty!

Is there any Dupe for the „Happy Birthday Mr.President“?

Kim Kardashian just launched a physical recreation as part of the Skims and Swarovski collaboration. It hasn’t been marketed as an imitation of the Monroe dress (and there is no reference to the piece in any of the surrounding press) but it’s there nonetheless: a nude-illusion, floor-length gown scattered with delicate rhinestones. (Answer from Vogue)

Marilyn Monroe is one of the most attractive female that was alive, but don`t forget that she was not just all about being pretty. She was very clever and played herself smaller and less intelligent then she really is. She said in a video: „I am very clever, but men don`t like it, if I show it to them.“ Your biggest confidence booster might be leveling up your awareness and body language. Below you can see a video, how she amazes the whole audience.

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