Who are we ?

Hi, here are Sandra & Sarah.

Two German women who both have their professional backgrounds in the social sector.

We founded socialrelationz because we love to get in touch with our biggest idols as much as you do.

What is Socialrelationz & Why Did We Start it?

Socialrelationz is a brand where Sarah & Sandra share celebrities inspiration about new, old favorites and classics stars.

We share the most beautiful pictures to keep you inspired for your own life to level up.

But why we are so interested in stars and what is so special about them?

We have the answer.

Celebrities inspire us to believe that anything is possible in life. They show us that dreams can come true, even when life feels sometimes hard.

They remind us that we can also go off for success, fame, and a really good-looking life.

We are thankful to celebrities for encouraging us to go after our dreams and aim high.

Endless Love,

and grab your dreams!

Sandra & Sarah