Marilyn Monroe Siren Eyes 2024: Her Siren Eyes explained ( last tip will surprise you)

Marilyn Monroe is the woman of seduction. Do you ever wondered why she was so captivating? Marilyn Monroe had a powerful, radiating sexual energy that made every person feel something, especially men are drawn to her intense physical energy. One of the greatest siren of all times is Marilyn Monroe. Let`s take a deeper look at her Siren qualities.

Monroe’s allure extended well beyond her visual appeal. To understand her lasting impact, we’ll explore the traits that made her such a compelling figure—the qualities that went beyond her visual appeal to touch the hearts of millions. Her eyes might have drawn you in, but it’s the breadth of her personality that has secured her place as an enduring icon.

What does it mean to have siren eyes?

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Siren eyes embody a captivating and alluring eye makeup style, reminiscent of the hypnotic appeal attributed to mythical sirens. Only women are able to embody the Siren, because it embodies magnetizing, sexual energy, as well as a danger from the person who embodies the Siren.

Who is called a siren?

When someone refers to you as a siren, it typically means you possess an irresistible charm and allure, much like the enchanting Sirens of Greek mythology. This term particularly emphasizes your magnetic and seductive qualities that can draw others in. It is often used to describe someone who leaves a memorable and striking impression.

Siren definition and meaning

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The term siren derives from Greek mythology, where Sirens were creatures known for their mesmerizing voices that lured sailors to their doom. In modern usage, “siren” is a metaphor for someone who is captivating and entices others. When applied to eye makeup, siren eyes refer to a makeup technique that creates sharp, elongated, and upward-flicking eyeshadow and liner. This look is designed to give off a sense of bold confidence and subtle seduction. To get the Marilyn Monroe siren eye make-up look here to our previous post.

What is a siren like personality?

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Marilyn Monroe is not the only Siren. A Siren is not about looks, she is about energy and confidence. The best example as a Siren was Cleopatra. She was not the prettiest woman on earth and still, she managed it to seduce Julius Cesear. A siren might ruin your reptutation and thats why it excites men in general, because they are attracted to danger. A siren-like personality captivates with an alluring charm and a magnetic presence, often leaving a memorable and lasting impression.

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What makes a woman a siren?

Our Tips to Embody the Siren:

Confidence and charisma are the hallmarks of a siren’s personality. Your own allure stems from an innate understanding of your strengths and how to use them to draw people in. A true siren is typically:

  • Magnetic: You can’t help but be drawn to her energy.
  • Enigmatic: Her mystery piques your curiosity.
  • Intelligent: Her wit and intelligence command your respect.
  • Sensual: She is in tune with her sensuality and comfortable with her body.

Marilyn Monroe as a seductive siren

Marilyn Monroe optimized the siren with her seductive appeal and captivating film presence. Recognized as an ESFP personality type, she had an uncanny ability to connect with others emotionally, enhancing her siren qualities. Her vivacity and love for the spotlight only amplified her siren image, making her an iconic figure of allure and fascination. In the youtube video above you can see Marilyn Monroe fascinating people by just using her body language. She also likes to draw attention to her straight shoulders, this simple act alone gravitates confidence. And everybody wants to be with someone who is confident.

The Siren Explained – Robert Greene

Robert Greene’s concept of the Siren revolves around a magnetic personality and alluring demeanor, traits often associated with Marilyn Monroe. Let’s explore this archetype more deeply.

Symbolism of Siren Eyes

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Siren eyes symbolize the enigmatic and hypnotic allure that some individuals possess. It’s this captivating gaze, often likened to the mythological Sirens, which suggests a depth of emotion and intrigue that feels almost dangerous. According to Greene’s analysis, this look acts like a siren’s call, drawing others in with the promise of an unforgettable encounter.

9 Other Seductive Types (by Robert Greene)

In addition to the Siren, Greene identifies nine other seductive types that have their unique ways of attraction:

  1. The Rake: Intensely focused and charming, making you feel like the center of their world.
  2. The Ideal Lover: Attentive to your every need and fantasy, embodying your desires.
  3. The Dandy: A blend of masculine and feminine qualities, creating an intriguing ambiguity.
  4. The Coquette: Masters of the push-and-pull, creating a tantalizing hot-and-cold dynamic.
  5. The Charmer: Smooth and socially adept, making you feel better about yourself.
  6. The Charismatic: Confidence and self-belief that radiates, attracting people through their powerful presence.
  7. The Star: Hailed for their public persona, shining brightly and drawing admiration.
  8. The Natural: Innocent but covertly seductive, making them approachable and engaging.
  9. The Wizard: Mysterious and enigmatic, sparking curiosity and intrigue.

Each type holds a special power to fascinate and beguile, often becoming irresistible in their own unique way. If you want to find out more about your seduction type, you can watch the youtube video of Robert Greene. If you still have not enough from Robert Greene you can look up to his bestsellers like “Seduction”.

Siren Eyes – Influence on Media

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Monroe’s sultry gaze, often described as her siren eyes, has had a lasting impact on media and popular culture. This particular aspect of her look has become emblematic of her persona, often imitated by artists and celebrities aiming to capture a hint of her enigmatic allure. Her expressive eyes were a key part of her performances, helping to cement her place as a beloved and enduring figure in entertainment.

Frequently asked questions

How do I find out my seduction type?

We are all capable of learning many attributes like the seduction type, you want to have. But we also have some natural qualitites where we tend to embody one type better, than the other. In a nutshell, to find your type you should take a deeper look into your personality. The videos from Robert Greene are a great oppertunity to know yourself better.

What is more attractive doe-eyes or siren eyes?

The Siren seduction type is the icon of seduction (defined by Robert Greene) and the most powerful. For a make-up look you should choose the look, that highlights your face.

What is the main key of seduction?

The whole point of seduction is, to not make it obvious that you are seducing. You want to create the image in others, that you are just your natural self. When you seduce, you know that you are seducing. The beauty of seduction is also the unpredictability.

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